J Turner Resarch Top 35 for 2014 List

It was just announced that both Wentworht House and Lincoln Pointe made the J Turner Research Top 35 for 2014 List!

Each year, J Turner Research compiles a list of the top 35 Apartments in the nation that have the best rankings in customer service.

J Turner announces the Top 35 Properties for Excellence in Customer Service for 2014. This annual recognition is based on the Turner Apartment Loyalty Index  (TALi™) programthat measures resident satisfaction on a monthly basis. The TALi™ model measures parameters that drive behaviors such as extended length of stay, increased referrals, and brand loyalty.

To be eligible for this recognition, a property should have been on the TALi™ program for six months and it should have received a minimum of 20 responses. 

The TALi™ program allows benchmarking and trending to identify best practices along with recognizing outstanding performers in customer service.